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AE Speed

AE-VEST | Weighted Body Grips

AE-VEST | Weighted Body Grips

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  • Adjustable Size Buckle
  • Sweat Resistant Materials
  • Non-Slip, Confort-Fit Design
  • Mesh Pocket for Added Storage
  • Reflective Accents for Outdoor Workouts

Introducing our high-performance weighted vest, designed to help athletes enhance their speed and agility while offering a range of additional benefits to maximize their performance. 

This vest was built with an adjustable size buckle that allows athletes to customize their fit, ensuring optimal comfort and stability during high-intensity workouts. The sweat-resistant materials used in the vests construction help to wick away moisture and keep athletes cool and dry, even during the most intense training sessions. 

The non-slip comfort-fit design helps ensures the vest stays securely in place, minimizing any distractions and allowing athletes to focus entirely on their training. Additionally, the vest features a convenient mesh pocket, providing a secure storage space for essential items such as keys, phones, and other small accessories. 

For athletes who prefer outdoor workouts, the vest also comes with reflective accents to increase visibility and ensure safety during low-light conditions. With its innovative design and numerous features, our weighted vest is an excellent choice for athletes looking to enhance their speed and agility, build endurance, and improve overall performance.


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