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Dual Grip Medicine Ball (5KG)

Dual Grip Medicine Ball (5KG)

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  • Secure-Grip design for heavy workout efficiency
  • Durable Rubber construction
  • Easy-clean material texture to avoid odour buildup


Introducing the ultimate workout partner for boxers - the Dual Grip Medicine Ball.

With its Secure-Grip design, this 5kg ball ensures maximum efficiency during your heavy workouts, allowing you to focus on increasing your arm strength and speed.

Crafted from durable rubber, this medicine ball is built to last and withstand even the most rigorous training sessions. The easy-clean material texture of the ball prevents odor buildup, making it easy to maintain and keep fresh, session after session.

With its dual handles, the ball allows for a variety of exercises that target multiple muscle groups, including the arms, shoulders, chest, and back. Whether you're practicing punches or doing overhead throws, the Dual Grip Medicine Ball will help you achieve your boxing goals in no time.

Invest in this high-quality, versatile piece of equipment today and take your boxing workouts to the next level.

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