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AE Speed

Multi-Angled Boxing Bands

Multi-Angled Boxing Bands

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  • Multi-Angled Resistance
  • Back Support Grip for posture and efficiency
  • Anti-Snap feature supported by nylon sheath
  • Nylon Sheath wrapped around bands to avoid friction discomfort
  • Portable
  • Triple-Cabled Ankle Bands
  • Quick and Easy Velcro Lock
  • Foam-Padded Handles

Introducing our high-quality Multi-Angled Boxing Bands, designed specifically for boxers who want to take their speed training to the next level. Our Multi-Angled Resistance design provides a customizable workout, allowing you to target multiple muscle groups and increase your hand speed and footwork.

Our Back Support Grip ensures proper posture and maximum efficiency during your training sessions. The Anti-Snap feature, supported by a nylon sheath, provides added safety and durability, while eliminating any friction discomfort.

Our Triple-Cabled Ankle Bands, combined with the Quick and Easy Velcro Lock, provide a secure fit and maximum stability during your workouts. The Foam-Padded Handles offer a comfortable grip and prevent hand fatigue, allowing you to focus on your training.

Our product is portable, allowing you to take your training wherever you go.

Don't settle for less, choose our Multi-Angled Boxing Bands for a more effective and efficient workout.


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