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Thick Weighted Jump Rope

Thick Weighted Jump Rope

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  • PVC Thick cord for extra air drag workout and forearm/shoulder burn.
  • Comfort Grip Design to avoid slipping
  • Dual Ball-Bearing design for a fast smooth spin
  • Heavy Duty Durable PVC for Outdoor workouts

Introducing our Thick Weighted Jump Rope, specifically designed to increase a boxer's arm strength and speed. Made with a PVC Thick cord, this jump rope provides extra air drag during your workout, which helps to increase forearm and shoulder burn, making it perfect for boxers who want to challenge themselves.

The Comfort Grip Design ensures that the jump rope won't slip out of your hands during your workout, allowing you to focus on your technique and form. The Dual Ball-Bearing design provides a fast and smooth spin, simulating the movement of throwing punches, which helps to increase speed and reaction time.

The Heavy Duty Durable PVC material is perfect for outdoor workouts, ensuring that the jump rope can withstand any weather condition. This jump rope is designed to help you stay on track and achieve your fitness goals.

So, if you're a boxer looking for a jump rope that can help you increase your arm strength and speed, our Thick Weighted Jump Rope is the perfect addition to your training routine.



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